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13 years to 1st year Seniors 

13-1st year Seniors attend classes twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays.


Mondays: St Thomas More Hall, Ramsay Street

Wednesdays: To be confirmed - Clive Berghofer Recreation Centre (upstairs room), UniSQ, Baker St OR St Thomas More

Is this the class for you?

Toowoomba Physie is a competitive club and our year is geared around learning the BJP syllabus in order for students to participate in club challenges, team events and individual competitions at a local, state and national level. This class is perfect for beginner to advanced students. Students attending the 13-1st year senior's can expect to be kept active in a supportive and positive environment. They will develop in strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. They will be encouraged to participate in a number of events that will develop confidence, sportsmanship and team skills. 

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