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Class Attire

Students are to be dressed appropriately for class. Students may wear our club uniform, or any aerobic or dancewear is suitable provided it is firm fitting. For the colder months, a leotard or fitted top and leggings (of any length) are suitable. Our club dance shirt, while suitable for wearing to and from class and to performances is not suitable to wear during class.  

Individual Competitions and Displays

Official BjP leotards or activewear are worn to all competitions and displays throughout the Physie year. Information on the purchase of these will be provided early in the year.  


Toowoomba Physie is allocated a leotard try on day (usually March/April), where leotard and activewear samples can be tried on for size/style/colour. The items are made-to-order, with delivery at the end of July. New BjP leotards normally cost between $50-90. Activewear is slightly more because it is two separate pieces. 


Alternatively, we will have some second-hand BjP leotards available for purchase through our club. Second-hand leotards are normally priced between $20-50, depending on condition.

Club Uniform

We have a club uniform available to purchase. While not compulsory the uniform promotes a sense of club spirit, and helps our club stand out amongst others. We offer club singlets, tracksuit pants and jackets, tights, bike pants, crop tops, and dance shirts.

Naming Property

Please label all dancewear and personal items. We are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged articles or personal property. 



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