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2017 handbook

Welcome to Toowoomba Physie


Toowoomba Physie And Dance (TPAD) is proudly associated with BJP Physie. The Bjelke-Peterson School Of Physical Culture is Australia’s most established physie association.  


Our mission is to see each individual achieve their personal best. Toowoomba Physie And Dance offers an encouraging and supportive environment where students learn self-discipline, commitment and sportsmanship. We promote healthy bodies, healthy minds and healthy relationships in a family focused club. The physie year begins in February and runs for 3 terms to our club celebrations at the end of Term 3. Term 4 is reserved for those working towards state and national championships.


Who is Physie for?  

Physie is for girls aged from 4 years (the year they turn 5) to ladies of all ages. All routines are age appropriate and develop strength, flexibility and balance.

The Physie Year  

Physie runs from February through to December for those competing at a state and national level. However, those not competing in these events may finish up at the end of term 3. Our terms are based on the QLD state school calendar. Additional holiday workshops  and training for competitors will be available as we near the competition season which is in the second half of the year. BJP provides our teachers with a new syllabus and soundtrack each year. We cover the basics of correct dance technique and build on that foundation as students gain experience in the sport. We engage students with games and props to enhance learning and to help develop their skills. We spend the first two terms of the year learning the syllabus and developing flexibility and strength. During terms three and four we prepare for a number of performances and competitions including our club competition and awards day which showcases our work to family and friends. Awards are given to all students at this event as we celebrate the achievements of the year!  


Age Groups  


The age of a student on the 31st of August, 2017 will determine her age group for classes and competitions.  

Juniors   5-6 year old's 7-8 year old's  9-10 year old's  11-12 year old's  

Seniors  13-1st year seniors and Ladies  




Toowoomba Physie And Dance offers classes for the beginner and the experienced dancer. Students are placed into classes based on their age and commitment level. If at any time the teacher feels that the placement is incorrect, you will be notified. Opportunities to perform are made available to students according to their own personal preferences, commitment and ability. Classes are held at Centenary Heights State High School Hall on Ramsay Street. Occasionally, we may use an alternative venue if the hall is used by the school or if we are holding workshops or private lessons.  




In the same way a soccer player commits to a season and trains for the games, a physie girl trains for her performances including our annual team events and champion girl competitions. Our classes require commitment. We will challenge girls to reach their personal goals in a welcoming and fun environment which nurtures healthy relationships, a healthy body image and a healthy attitude toward performance and competition. Team selection will take place closer to team competitions. Team positions and reserves will be awarded to students who attend classes twice a week, show commitment in class, and practice regularly. Where numbers allow, more than one team may be created at the discretion of the teacher.


Additional Expenses


There will be expenses including leotards, tights and club uniform. For juniors, the annual teams and zone events are held in Brisbane. Since our main goal is to work towards our Zone performance, all students are encouraged to participate in this rewarding event!   


Viewing Policy


As a club dedicated to offering a quality teaching and learning environment for each student it is important to keep distractions to a minimum. We ask that parents assist us in keeping the volume down when classes are open for parents to view. In addition, there will be many performance opportunities such as our club competition and awards day. For those students interested in competing there will also be interclub, state, national and team events to work toward. Spectators are welcome to attend all of these performances.  


Ladies Class


To minimise distraction, the ladies classes are for registered students only. Please no children (except in exceptional circumstances and by prior arrangement only).


Student Attire  


Students are to be dressed appropriately for class. Students may wear our club uniform which is available at Dancewear & Gifts by Lana, 90 Mort Street, Toowoomba. The uniform consists of either a black or mulberry leotard, or our embroidered mulberry racer back top with black leggings (of any length) to class. This is not compulsory and any aerobic or dance wear is suitable provided it is firm fitting. For the colder months, a leotard or fitted top and leggings (of any length) are suitable. The full club uniform including embroidered jacket or buttoned dance shirt and black pants are required for performances and competitions. Our club dance shirt, while suitable for wearing to and from class and to performances is not suitable to wear during class.  




Hair is to be neatly tied back off the face in either a ponytail or bun. A headband or clip is suitable for shorter hair.  



Physie is practiced and performed with bare feet. Please ensure no socks, jiffies or footed dance tights are worn during class as they are slippery and a danger to dancers. If you require extra warmth only non-slip "toe-sox" will be permitted during class.  


Lost Property /Unclaimed items


Please label all dancewear and personal items. We are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged articles or personal property. A lost property box will be kept at class. Uncollected items will be donated or disposed of at the end of each term. Leotards, medals, certificates and any other items not collected at the end of each calendar year will become the property of Toowoomba Physie.


Uniform for Performance  


All students representing the club at interclubs, team, state and national events are expected to come in their club uniform. You can select from the buttoned dance shirt, embroidered racer back top or embroidered jacket to add to plain black pants. This will need to be purchased in time for the first club event which is usually held in July.  


Competition Leotards  


Girls or Ladies participating in Champion Girl competitions will require a BJP leotard. The leotards are available to try on at "leotard try on day". They are ordered online or purchased second hand via the second hand leotard page on facebook. Secondhand leotards must be of competition quality. Girls or Ladies participating in Teams will also require a team leotard. These can also be ordered online. Details will be sent to us from BJP along with dates when orders will be taken. These will be communicated in our newsletters. More information will be provided closer to events




In order to be prepared for opportunities such as Champion girl or Team competitions, students are asked to attend all scheduled lessons where possible. Extra rehearsals for teams will be scheduled as we near the event. You will be notified about these rehearsals via newsletters.  


Student Drop Off / Pick Up  


While Toowoomba Physie And Dance considers the safety of its students, it is the responsibility of parents to ensure their child's safety. Please arrange prompt pick up or ensure someone is available to mind your child if you expect to be late. Please only drop students off for warming up 10-15 minutes prior to their class. We cannot mind your child/ren out of their allotted class time since we will be teaching. 


Class Conduct  


We ask that students, parents and teachers be considerate of others. For example, if you bring rubbish, ensure you place it in a bin or take it with you. Or if you use the facilities, be sure to leave them clean and tidy. No nappies are to be left in the bins at our venues. Please dispose of this yourself. Students should arrive in time to warm up and be ready for class when it begins. Warming up should be done quietly in the back of the hall so as not to distract the class in session. Doors will be opened 10 minutes prior to the start of class to allow students to warm up. No eating inside our venues. No gum during class. Water bottles are permitted. Please speak respectfully. Inappropriate language will not be tolerated. We are a smoke and drug free environment. There is an outdoor area at the hall which is suitable for families to take siblings during class. Children outside must be fully supervised at all times and are asked to keep noise to a minimum. It is up to the parents to ensure children do not wander through the school grounds or out of their sight.


Spectator Behaviour


Spectators, siblings and family members are expected to behave appropriately at any Toowoomba Physie event or class, as well as on social media. Disrespectful or disruptive behaviour will be taken seriously and will not be tolerated (see Code of Behaviour and Spectator Behaviour).


Medical Conditions & Emergencies


Should a student have an injury of any kind TPAD teachers will apply basic first aid according to our training. Parents/caregivers will be contacted immediately and appropriate action will be taken as stated in our member protection policy.  Any existing medical conditions must be disclosed to teaching staff of Toowoomba Physie And Dance. A doctor’s certificate will be required before participating in classes for serious injuries or conditions.


Student Absence / Refunds  


TPAD offers excellent class size and teacher to student ratio to ensure students receive adequate attention and quality coaching. There will be no refunds or credits for missed classes. Students registered for one class per week cannot make up their missed class on another day as other students have reserved those places. As you can appreciate, our expenses are the same each week. You are paying to secure your place in the class. Please let us know if you will be away for a time as missing too many classes can put students at a great disadvantage. Refunds are not issued for students who leave TPAD mid term and all registration fees are non-refundable.  


Teacher Absence  


Should you teacher be unavailable to teach due to illness or emergency, TPAD will provide one of our qualified teachers to take over the class. Classes will only be cancelled in extreme circumstances. You will be contacted as soon as possible and refunds or credits for cancelled classes will be issued accordingly. TPAD reserves the right to cancel any class at any time due to insufficient enrollment.




Class fees are calculated per term and are payable before the term begins. Payment is made via our online form. You can pay via paypal or using your credit card. No cash or cheques will be accepted. Term 4 will be run by private lessons and small group* classes only.

*small group classes will be available where possible.

Registration Fee  


There is an annual registration fee with Toowoomba Physie And Dance. This fee is non-refundable and is required to be paid in full before commencing classes. These fees assist in our club having adequate insurances, licenses and trained staff.  




Our primary method of communication is via Team App and email. Please ensure TPAD has your current email address. When signing up to Toowoomba Physie you are opting in to receive our newsletters via mailchimp. On leaving TPAD you can unsubscribe from receiving these emails by selecting this option at the bottom of any newsletter. Our club app can be downloaded onto your phone where you can access the latest news updates, newsletters and links to our website.  

Please email: for all general enquiries.  


Toowoomba Physie And Dance promotes open communication between teachers, administration, parents and students. We want to hear your concerns and questions and respond appropriately. We do, however, ask for your support in ensuring that each student receives the most from each class by not approaching your teacher about issues that can be discussed on the phone or via email. We promote a positive, encouraging and nurturing environment. We set the tone for our children. Should you have any concerns, please may we ask that you contact staff of TPAD and help us eliminate any possibility of gossip, criticism or negativity. We might not always get it right, but we are open to feedback and will always do what we feel is going to benefit the members of TPAD best. Please work with us to ensure a supportive and uplifting atmosphere by bringing your concerns directly to staff.  

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