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Did you know...?

  • All Toowoomba physie staff are first aid qualified and hold a current "Blue Card".

  • Toowoomba Physie is a part of the Australian Physie and Dance Association (APDA), a national association which offers support, training, conferences, choreography by professional dancers from a variety of dance genres. As part of APDA, we can offer opportunities for girls around Australia to perform at incredible venues including the Opera House in Sydney.Toowoomba Physie is covered by APDA insurances to protect our students and staff

  • Your fees go toward APRA music licensing and club registration fees with APDA.

  • Toowoomba Physie has procedures and policies in place to protect all members.


Can I join physie just for a term?


Physie begins in February and for social students wraps up at then end of term 3. Students moving onto competitions continue their training by way of small groups and private lessons. Those successful at making it to nationals will complete their physie year around mid November. 


I am over 21. Am I too old to do physie? 


Physie is for girls as young as 3 but offers a syllabus for women in their 20's, 30's, 40's , 50's and, yes, there are ladies who enjoy physie into their 60's!


I am not a size 10. Can I do physie?


Physie is able to be modified to suit any fitness level. The best way to get in shape is to get moving! Toowoomba Physie offers plenty of support and accountability as you work towards your personal goals. 



What is involved in a year of physie?


We begin by learning the newly choreographed syllabus each year in February. We aim to teach our students the syllabus by the end of term one (or two if they attend only once a week).  We then work toward team and individual championships which are held in Brisbane and Sydney over the second half of the year.


Can I join a team if I attend classes once a week?


It takes commitment to classes and commitment to your team mates to be selected for a team. Students can enter the individual competitions but need to commit to two classes per week to be considered for teams which is a highlight of the year. 


How are teams selected?


All students attending performance classes will be offered the opportunity to join a team provided they have learned the routines in time for selection. The selection process is usually based on commitment level, ability, experience and enthusiasm. 


Can parents watch classes?


Toowoomba Physie does not open classes to parents for viewing. There are many opportunities to watch performances including an occasional open class so that you can see your daughter's progress. 






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