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hair tutorial


Today our tutorial shows a practise run through of our team hairstyle. Although there are definite improvements to be made but the steps should stay relatively the same. So without further ado, let's get to it! 


1) Brush your hair and create a part on the left hand side of the head. Create a part from the end of the left hand part to behind your right ear. This will create a section of hair that will be used to cover up all the teasing we will be doing. Secure this section with a hair tie.



 2) Take the remaining hair and secure it using clips in small sections. Once we reach lower we will be begin teasing the hair in sections from the bottom to the top. Here  I have alternated which side of the head I clip portions of hair. You don't need to go all the way to the bottom as much of the hair will be secured back. The teasing is to create enough volume for some height and a bump

 3) Using a comb begin to tease the hair to create volume. LOTS of volume! Once you have teased one layer move on to the one above it until you have teased all the hair in layers. 



tip: I teased too narrow an area and so came back to tease some of the sides before securing the hair into a ponytail.

 4) Leave the hair to the left of the head as well as the separated hair on top. 

5) Gently brush the teased hair back ready to go into a ponytail. Take about half of the separated hair on top and comb gently back to create a smooth look and then you are ready to secure it with a hair tie. 

6) Secure the hair into a ponytail including the hair that was separate to the left of the part. . There should be one segment of hair yet to be tied back on the right hand side of the part as shown below. 

7) Create a bump. Here I have not created a lot of height. But this would suit the stage. Teasing can carry up higher so that there is a bump at the top of the head down to the pontail. Hold the ponytail and firmly slide the hairband up the ponytail while holding the hair in place. This will lift the teased hair and create a more dramatic bump. Don't forget to hairspray as you go.

8) Take the remaining portion of hair and sweep it to the right ensuring some of the hair is left on the forehead. 

9) Tease the ponytail in layers but this time from the top to the bottom as shown in the following few images.

tip: after teasing a little clip the hair up. Tease more and add it to that clip.

11) Beneath the hair ties and through the teasing, create a hole in the ponytail and draw the ponytail in on itself.  Fold/Roll the hair back up on itself and pin and spray like crazy! Use bobby pins and hair pins. Hair pins (along with bobby pins) will secure it far better than bobby pins on their own.

As far as a practise goes I hope you can see the effect we are going for. I will aim for more height on top and a more defined "sweep" of the hair from front to back. 


 If we aim for more height on the top of the head and I think we will be good. Thanks for your help, Kayla! 

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