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qld zone finals

Congratulations to each and every competitor who successfully completed learning the 2015 APDA Syllabus and performed at the QLD finals. The following girls and ladies represented Toowoomba Physie in this event. Those who became State Finalists now have the opportunity to represent QLD at the National Championships in the next month. All the best girls!  


JUNIOR STATE FINALISTS (are top 8 in QLD for their age group)

Ebonii Blades (6 years)

Emily Lindsay (8 years)

Aria Stiller (9 years)

Koko Murata (9 years) 

Amy Grant (11 years) 

Honoka Murata (12 years)


LADIES STATE FINALISTS (Only 6 ladies from QLD are taken in each section)

Andrea Campbell (Beginner Ladies)

Betina Weir (Beginner Ladies)

Kayla Sinclair (Beginner Ladies) 

Kylie Quilter (Beginner Ladies)

Kristy Barton (Novice Ladies)

Nat O'Brien (Novice Ladies)

Tamara Stiller (Intermediate Ladies)



Syra Barron (5 years)

Tasharni Thurston (6 years)

Gabby Horton (7 years)

Isabella Burow (7 years)

Piper Smith (7 years)

Rose Murphy (7 years) 

Skye Rundle (7 years)

Zoe Clark (8 years) 

Ruby Robinson (8 years)

Anastasia Clark (9 years)

Ariana Barron ( 9 years)

Kendall Petzler (9 years)

Tahlia Quilter (9 years)

Abigail Swain (10 years) 

Olivia Reynolds (10 years)

Bree Benbow (11 years)

Ella Stangherlin (11 years)

Taya Rundle (11 years)

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