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(in order of performance)


12 year olds Opens Honoka Murata 2nd place

5 year olds Charlotte Reynolds 1st place | Syra Barron 4th place |Charlotte Thomas 5th place

9 year olds Opens Koko Murata 3rd place | Tahlia Quilter 4th place |Aria Stiller 5th place

6 year olds Novice Ebonii Blades 1st place | Zoe Finch 3rd place | Brynlea Cousen 4th place

7 year olds Novice Gabby Horton 2nd place | Rose Murphy 3rd place |Piper Smith 4th place | Lucille Stratton 6th place

7 year olds Opens Zoe Clark 6th place

8 year olds Novice Emily Lindsay 2nd place

13 year olds Novice Mercedes Stiller 1st place | Julia Clutterbuck 3rd place

10 year olds Opens Abigail Swain 6th place 

11 year olds Novice Amy Grant 1st place | Bree Benbow 2nd place | Ella Stangherlin 3rd place |Zelia Cross 4th place 

Beginner Ladies Andrea Campbell 1st place | Betina Weir 2nd place | Kylie Quilter 3rd place | Kayla Sinclair 4th place | Jodi Robinson 5th place

Novice Ladies Kristy Barton 3rd place | Nat O'Brien 6th place

Intermediate Ladies Tamara Stiller 1st place | Laura Phythian 3rd place 


Congratulations to all our competitors! 

5 year olds Noelle Steeghs | Ava Barron | Georgia McLean

9 year olds Ariana Barron |Anastasia Clark |Kendall Petzler

6 year olds Tasharni Thurston | 

7 year olds Hayleigh Mabb | Talia Smit | Isabella Burow | 

8 year olds Sylvia | Emma Schmidt | Ruby Robinson

10 year olds Olivia Reynolds | Sophie Klowss | Hannah Darby 

11 year olds Taya Rundle | Hannah Finch

Beginner Ladies Samara Hoffman 

Novice Ladies Rachel Thomas 



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