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Where Do I Begin?

Whether you are a returning member or looking into what Physie is, Toowoomba Physie is aiming to make the process as simple and straight forward as possible.

Sign On Day

Our sign on day is for returning members to reconnect and be brought up to date on all the information you will need for 2017! It is also a day to welcome new members. Come along with your picnic blankets, chairs, soccer balls or cricket sets to enjoy some time with other physie families. A sausage sizzle will be in operation. Cold drinks and ice blocks will be available and our TV screen will be set up to enjoy a slideshow of photos and videos from the last 5 years. At 12 o'clock we will cut our Toowoomba Physie Birthday Cake and announce something special for our Physie Dads! If you are unable to make it, we will make the information you require available online. New families are encouraged to sign up on the day to receive special discounts. For those preferring to trial a class or two before signing up, then this can be arranged by filling in this form. (Please be aware that those taking advantage of the 2 trial classes will not be able to receive the discounts available on sign on day). Our teachers will be available to speak with you and answer all of your questions. Once classes begin we will be unable to take the time to do so but are happy to respond to your emails. Please contact us at or via our facebook page.

Webpage and Physie101

Our website contains prices, our timetable and, of course, this blog, where we will keep you up to date with important information as the year unfolds. Once you are a member, you can add our app to your phone to receive newsletters and access our calendar. Facebook chat pages allow you to get to know other physie families as well as receive updates from in class each week. was started to help out our new families and to provide a little more in depth articles about all things physie. The physie year can seem overwhelming when you hear about it all in one hit but when you learn as the year unfolds with the support of your fellow club members, then it is a whole lot of fun! These articles, tutorials and stories from students, teachers and parents introduce you to the unique world of physie. The articles will be added to our newsletters as you require the information throughout the year.

Gearing Up

If you or your daughter will be joining physie in 2017 you may wonder what to wear. First of all, bare feet are suitable for class. Socks can be a danger should a student slip but if you require foot protection see your teacher about the most suitable options. Juniors are welcome to mix and match our uniform items. Visit Dancewear and Gifts by Lana at 90a Mort Street, Toowoomba. The friendly staff will be able to access Toowoomba Physie's uniform list and help you with your purchase. These items are optional for class. The uniform is only compulsory for competitions which begin in the second half of the year. However, many of our uniform options are affordable. See our uniform options here. A drink bottle is essential for class and in the colder months it is important that students have sufficient layers before, during and after class.

It is a great idea to have a packed dance bag that can be packed before physie days with dance wear, drink bottle and any other items required for class. Many students bring their empty water bottles after school. Please consider having a second water bottle for physie that can be ready for class.

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