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When Is The Best Time Of The Year To Start Physie?

As a teacher, I am often asked, "Can we start classes in term 2?" Today I would like to explain why signing up to Physie at the start of the year really is the best time to join.

At the beginning of each year, teachers all across Australia receive the annual syllabus. It is a new set of routines created each year to a new sound track and takes quite a bit of time not only for the teachers to learn but also for the students to learn. To learn what a physie syllabus you can read more here.

During term 1, teachers are teaching these routines step by step as well as breaking down the correct technique required for each dance. By term 2 these steps are reviewed and some students may learn the steps quite easily. But for others, it can be a little overwhelming to step into a class where everyone is already familiar with the steps.

Beginning the year as one group also develops a strong community feeling as many teachers invest time into developing routines and relationships. They also have the time to teach correct positions, posture, warm ups and core skills that a student may miss out on if they begin in term 2. If you have other commitments during term 1 but can join in term 2, contact your local club to see what options there are for you. Some clubs may not take on new students after the first term.

Having said this, I have seen many students successfully begin in term 2. They have committed to practice and are confident in meeting new friends. Some clubs even plan their timetable and classes to be able to take in new students in term 2.

By term 3, it is almost impossible to begin teaching new students while detailing the syllabus with students who already know the steps. It is also a transitioning time of the year as we begin interclub competitions and team preparations.

Due to the way each term builds on another, having a term off during the physie year is not possible. This is worth considering before paying for an annual registration fee.

Toowoomba Physie will celebrate our awards day and club competition at the end of Term 3. This will be a natural end of the year for many who are enjoying physie for fun and fitness. Term 4 is then committed to working with those who are preparing for competitions.

Our newsletters will explain the physie year more thoroughly.

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